Welcome to the website of the Devon Rex cattery- Jaga*PL

Our cattery belongs to the Polish Felinological Federation Felis Polonia, which is part of the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe), which belongs to the world’s largest cat organization – World Cat Congress (WCC). Each of our cats has a five-generation pedigree proving its origin.


We have always had a love for cats, and our great love for Devon Rex cats began when the first female cat of this breed appeared in our parents’ house. She made us madly fall in love with her. Due to the fact that our whole life was related to animals, we had breeding knowledge and we were passionate about cats, we decided not to fight our feelings and that’s how our great adventure with cats of this breed began.


Our cats accompany us in everyday life, they live with us at home, sleep in bed with us, and spend a lot of time with us. Kittens are raised from an early age in a family atmosphere, that is, with us, our children who also help us tremendously in socializing the kittens, and our dog.

We are also very committed to taking care of the health of our cats. We perform genetic tests and clinical trials, thus monitoring their health. We take care of the development of our kittens through appropriate diet, supplementation during adolescence, and all necessary vaccinations and deworming.


The choice of a cat, either for breeding or as a pet, must be carefully considered. We encourage you to follow our website and social media to learn about our cats and practices. You can also meet us at many cat shows organized by clubs belonging to Felis Polonia.

59th and 60th INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW IN WARSAW, FEBRUARY 24 and 25, 2024

The exhibition is organized by the Elite Cat Club in Warsaw under the patronage of Felis Polonia. Our two cats debuted with very good results: Król Karol TERKOT*PL – junior class (12 months) SATURDAY: Ex 1, CACJ, BIV, NOM SUNDAY: Ex 1, CACJ Arya JAGA*PL – kitten class (4 months) SATURDAY: Ex 1, CACC SUNDAY: …


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